Sunday, May 23, 2010

Excuse me, What did you say?

Hello loves,

Guys cussing a storm around ladies! I hate it so much! I hate cussing myself and I try my best to replace them nasty words with other words such as fudge, ships, dang, bic, and what ever rolls off my tongue when I catch myself. I truly am a Disney character when it comes to not cussing. What bugs me more is when guys cuss in front of ladies, whether they are good friends, sister, or family member I have high opinions about that.

I feel that not matter what a man should have more proper manners when it comes to their dirty potty mouths. The occasional slip is totally okay but to put it in every sentence you spit out of your mouth is just unacceptable. Sometimes thats just a guys personality to cuss every other word, but it is just not in my book of proper words to say in front of a lady. Sometimes it is the girl doing all the dirty talk, but who ever it is you don't look fashionable or cool.

I feel much better getting that out! another blog later on everything else on my mind good things I promise.

<3 Silvia