Tuesday, May 18, 2010

8 things tag

Hello my loves,
I came across this 8 things tag and thought t would be cute to do. I hope you all enjoy and i tag any reader who wants to do it. pictures are optional I saw it like this and had to copy lol

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1) Glee!
2) Dancing with the stars
3) The Hills
4) Ghost Whisper
5) Medium
6) All My Children
7) One Life to Live
8) 16 and Pregnant/Teen mom

Eight favorite places to eat and drink:
1) Aurelio's Pizzeria
2) Starbucks
3) Hooters
4) Chili's
5) Popolano's
6) Cici's Pizza
7) Local Gyro place
8) Mcdonald's of course

Eight things I look forward to:
1) Reading Eclipse
2) Going to see Eclipse
3) My vacation to the Smokey Mountains
4) My family coming in from Texas and Florida
5) Starting Make up school in September
6) Starting Photography degree in January
7) Possibly interning in New York, New York
8) Maybe seeing Lady Gaga at Lolapalooza

Eight things that happened yesterday:
1) Woke up running to the bathroom
2) Watched my Stories
3) Made lunch
4) drank lots of water
5) went to the grocery store
6) spent 20 bucks on a bunch of junk
7) ran in the rain
8) watched my monday shows

Eight things I like about winter:
1) Christmas
2) Christmas music
3) Watching snow storms
4) rolling around in the snow
5) Sitting by the fire snuggling with a companion
6) Midnight mass
7) bundling up in winter clothes
8) Buying Christmas Presents

Eight things on my wish list:
1) Tickets to lolapalooza too Lady Gaga
2) Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
3) New Wedges
4) Glee Soundtrack volume 3
5) Bella's bracelet (Edwards charm)
6) Edward Neckless
7) Dear John
8) Remember me

Eight things I'm passionate about:
1) Family
2) Friends
3) My faith
4) Makeup/ artist
5) Photography
6) Music
7) Weddings (planning)
8) Being me

Eight words or phrases I use often:
1) like
2) Seriously
3) dang
4) awesome
5) adore
6) alrighties
7) love
8) awww

Eight things I've learned from the past:
1) Be Positive
2) Don't listen to Haters
3) Saving Money does pay off
4) Don't procrastinate.
5) Love doesn't come easy, and doesn't go away easy
6) Just because one man wasnt a prince and the second wasn't charming doesn't mean your prince charming isn't still out there
7) Hard work pays off
8) Everything happens for a reason.

Eight places I would love to visit/see:
1) Paris
2) Sweden
3) Italy
4) The Bahamas
5) Hawaii
6) London
7) Rome
8) Virgin Islands

Eight things I currently want/need:
1) I need Liquid eye liner
2) I need Shampoo
3) I want another brush set
4) I want a Job
5) I need summer clothes
6) I need to wash my sheets
7) I want a new phone
8) I want to visit my familia in Texas