Monday, May 17, 2010

Nightmares and dreams, what do they mean?

Hello loves,
Nightmares! oh how I hate waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares, and some of my nightmares are so realistic its even more scary when I wake up and some of them are so cheesy I can't help but laugh after I am done screaming my head off.

I have the most creative dreams any one has every heard of and sometimes if I can remember I tell people and they are like and that was your dream? "you sure you didn't watch that on late night television?" Some of the dreams I have are so detailed to with objects like say a pink book bag with the initials of J.K.M or a bracelet with a heart on it and it came from Tiffany's.

What causes my nightmares? i'm not quite sure I ask my self that all the time. I know when I was working at the local grocery store I would have to eat a late dinner so sometimes my late dinner would cause my nightmares but when I no longer worked the nightmares continued so sometimes I think its the simple stress in life and the overly active imagination I have.

I still remember a dream so detailed and so close and personal to my life and heart I woke up crying, and then later crying because it was like my dream predicted my future. so here is one of my many dreams be nice I can't remember all the details because it was over two years ago.........
So i'm in the park on the rocks by the pier with Jon and we are talking about school and him graduating soon, then he talks about how i'm a down to earth girl and he likes me blah blah blah. then we are driving and we stop at a church I at the moment helped with on the weekends, and he hands me a bracelet and says the question every teenage girl wants to hear in high school "will you go steady with me" its this beautiful charm bracelet with hearts keys and other little charms. When he gave it to me it was strong bracelet not on the verge of breaking or anything so I put it on and said yea of course. So he drops me off at home and all the doors are closed and the air is on (which is weird cause its not summer) and my Aunt is there with my uncle (whom are no longer together even at the time of the dream and I knew in the dream that they weren't) and my baby cousin(who isn't a baby anymore she is 10) I walk in with a big smile on my face and I show them my bracelet and they try to touch it and I yell at them not to touch it, it is really delicate. My uncle then tells me thats not and through out the whole dream im wearing this bracelet and every charm falls off but one and its a hear but in the middle the heart is slowly cracking. I wake up then.

The reality of the dream was intense I looked up the meaning of a charm bracelet and its a symbol of something delicate such as your heart. I was talking to the guy at the time and we were going good in a good direction until he met someone else and he literally broke my heart. I never felt so horrible in my life it's like he left me to slowly break flaunting his new girlfriend above my head. Then my dream made sense it was warning me he was going to break my heart. I later had a dream he got shot and died. Then a nasty rumor got out about me saying I said he loved me and I did things with him and that's all he wanted from me and blah blah blah and turns out it was the girls ex boyfriend trying to make her feel different about him and make her come crawling back to him and I ended up looking like a possessive slut when the story all got twisted and all not true. I never said he loved me and I never had sex with him it was all a bunch of lies. I cleared things up and in the end I still got hurt and I lost a good friend him and thats what my dream represents a friendship getting killed. It was horrible high school drama, im sure he still says his nasty rumors about me but I know who I am, my true friends know who I am, as well as my family and thats all that matters. By the way why would I want to have sex with his small penis? hahahaha X)(inside joke with Mari, Sarah, Sara, and Iesha) Dont have sex till your married kids, its better that way and means much more too! =)

Maybe I will share my creative intense dreams on blog spot if they aren't too personal. although this was one was insane personal and im sure i will have to block my family when I post it on facebook.

To end the night with a good song, not relevant to the subject but to how I felt when all this happened.

Attack, by 30 Seconds to Mars

Goodnight loves
<3 Silvia