Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Glee Season Finale: Journey to Regionals

Hello loves,
Where the heck have I been? I have been busy reading and planning my vacation with my family. I have also been spending quality time with my family, along with getting a summer job with my best friend. =)

Okay now on to my thoughts on the season finale of GLEE!! Let me say it was AMAZING!! okay now be warned "spoil alert!" So the theme of the show was Journey to regionals. The glee club goes to regionals performing music from Journey. Which is what glee started with on the very first episode. The show was being judged by Josh Groben,Olivia Newton john, someone else, and Sue Sylvester. The cast did an amazing job performing Faithfully, Any way you want it/Lovin' touchin' squeezin', and Don't stop believing. I love how Finn told Rachel he lovers her before performing faithfully. I personally like the first time they performed don't stop believing.

During the show Quinn's mom showed up to watch her perform, and went back stage to tell Quinn she want's her to come home. After kicking her father out for cheating on her with a "tattoo creep" just then after her mother welcoming her and the baby back in the house Quinn's water breaks. They rush her to the hospital following the glee group as well. While Quinn was giving birth vocal adrenalin was performing Bohemian Rhapsody. Truly an amazing performance! Quinn gives birth to a baby girl and New directions went back for the results. Sadly They didn't win Vocal adrenalin took first place and they took 3rd.

Rachel goes to her mother Shelby to convince her to come to her school and coach glee with Will. Shelby confronts to Rachel that, thats not what she wants to do anymore she wants to move on in life and start a family. Telling her she missed out on Rachel's life. You later then see her at the hospital looking at the babies and Quinn and puck happens to be there looking at their baby girl.

Following that it shows Emma arguing with principal figgins trying to fight for the glee club. Will tries to convince her that its not worth it, it was a deal. She tells him to fight! he then confesses his love for her and gives her a nice smooch. Then the Rachel ask will to meet them in the auditorium where the glee cast tells all what they were before glee club and following with a song "To sir, with love" dedicated for will. All crying (including myself) Sue walks in to see the emotional performance.

Late Sue walks into the choir room to talk to Will about regionals although she doesn't confess what she did to will for new directions it shows she put them for first after fighting for the students success with Olivia and Josh saying they do have a future and it's not fair to put them down. She then tells Will she convinced Principle figgins to give glee club another year. Will announces the great news to the glee club performing them a song "over the rainbow". Where it then shows Shelby adopting Quinn's baby and calling her Beth.

This episode absolutely phenomenal! I had tears in my eyes of how good it was and it had such a warm and happy energy. I bought the CD today and I am forever playing it on repeat. The show will be on Fox.com in case you missed it or want to watch it again tomorrow.

I heart you all to end the night with my favorite song from the show

<3 Silvia