Sunday, January 23, 2011

sniffles, coughs, and late night hugs.

Hello lovies,

I have been soo overwhelmed by love from you all and excitement that makes me want to blog everyday. you all send me wonderful emails I love them all. :) I have been dying to blog all week but couldn't I got overwhelmed by school and family. then the worst happened my grandma caught the cold that soon turned into pneumonia. So i have been helping with her and in the mean time of doing that I think I caught another cold. I started sneezing and coughing it's ridiculous. So I am throwing medication down my throat to stop the cold from getting worst. I just wanted to send you all a little note saying I wont be posting the glee reviews till after my grandma is out of the hospital because I did something silly horrible I deleted the rocky horror show and never been kissed. I didn't label the documents right and thought it was something else and deleted before checking it, i empty my trash and it was gone forever! I was beyond upset with myself cause I felt I failed for you all. So i am going to wait till the dvd comes out and write them up as soon as I can it might be after tuesday but thats okay i have two weeks to catch you all up. :) I love you all.

Follow and I promise virtual hugs and kisses.


<3 Silvia