Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ups and downs of friendships.

Saturday April 10,2010

Wow so much happened today that i cant remember everything. maybe i should have been blogging through out the day. Maybe i should just start vloging and just post it on here so I dont have to write so darn much lol, but i love writting though so it is all good in the bucket. okay so lets start off from the beginning of the day. =)

So i woke up today at like 7:50 to get ready to go out and have break fest with an old friend. I haven't talked to this girl for two years. We went to break fest and caught up and I didn't realize how much we both have grown up and matured like seriously i looked at her and i looked at myself and thought dang we aren't teenagers anymore we are full grown adults. It's crazy how time goes by so flipping fast. we went to Petsmart and she bought a hampster and it was so freaking cute i want to eat it up lol. I got to name her and her name is Lola and she calls me (the hampster) Auntie Silvia! =) I had a really nice time with her and i hope we can do it again sometime soon.

So after i came home i felt a little sick even though i only had a plate of fries and a pop at the restaurant. So I laid down and took my self a nice little nap and got up two hours later to go to my grandmas house. I hung out at my grandmas and then got a text from a friend needing my support so i went with her and supported her and listend and all that good stuff friends do. we ended up having a really good time. had us some pepes and vanilla ice cream. yum right? well now i feel sick. haha not a good mixture. so now i am back home and super pooped.

Okay So i deleted what i said because i felt it no longer needed to be shown, but pretty much my friendship was tested i got a 20% and my best friend got a 100% and i need to work on my jealousy problem and realize shes not going to ever leave me! =)

To end a good/bad day with a good song: Crash and Burn by Simple plan.

Goodnight loves,
<3 Silvia