Monday, April 12, 2010


I really dont have much to talk about because it is 215 am and i have to get up in 4 hours so i will keep it short and simple. I realized that best friends truly do stand by your side even if you doubt them. I almost bought a flat screen but the stupid store ran out. DANG IT! i love my best friends Ashley and Mari with all my heart. Im going to Chicago tomorrow to check out my school of choice and talk payments of schooling and see how i like it. =) i also get to go to lush! ive been dying for a massage bar. cant think of anything else, i promise to write a lot tomorrow night talking about my day and so on. sorry my grammer sucks im just trying to get to bed. goodnight loves,

to end the day with a good song So much Better, Laura Bell Bundy and LBTM Cast.

<3 Silvia