Thursday, April 8, 2010

Burned fingers and confused about love?

Thursday April 8, 2010

So I woke up today in hopes that my day would be much better than before and it started off better a little gloomy not too bad until.....i BURNED my fingers on a hot pan! who does that? me of course i swear i am sooo clumsy it should be illegal. I was cooking tator tots in a little ceramic bowl and the bowl handle was extremely hot well the pan glove slipped and i graved hold of the bowl and sizzled my skin off my fingers. as a result of my accident i have shinny fingers and possible can kill a person and not get caught because my finger prints are a little messed up...temporarily that is. also i have 3 blisters and and busted vain.

Oh so i had my phone on the charger and i was txting for about 30 minuets to a friend and then i put it down and when i went to go grave it again i burn my fingers (not badly though) the phone was extremely hot and the back part that covers my battery was soft like if it was starting to melt it was insane! Then it made a beeping noise and i thought it was going to explode into pieces but all i can think about is if it did i would sue At&t for a million bucks for emotional damage! haha but nothing happen it cooled down and everything was okay and my back cover looked like it didn't even get soft. oh the things that happen to me.

Okay so i was on facebook and talking to a friend at the same time not going to mention any names or anything. well have you ever had a friend that say the most uncomfortable things around you like if they were hitting on your or something and you just don't see them like that so your like uhh? well i get that alot and my friend was a victim today. how far is too far with words you would use on a random person but use them on a friend? She was so uncomfortable and so was i just reading it sent chills down my spine.

oh haha i forgot to mention So at my local Strack and Van tills there is a bag boy and he is one of those pretty boys. he's cute im not going to even lie but he smiles at me a lot and i just flash a smile and look the other way because i don't know it's awkward. I used to play the flirt game with him cause it was fun and i am a flirty girl but one day he was talking to my dad and smiling at me at the same time, that is good but bad. im not sure am i over reacting? maybe im just afraid to try the whole relationship thing again and i am just looking for excuses not to try. i found my self two great guys last spring and broke it up because i was afraid of getting hurt. Two boys really screwed me up in life and i guess i just got to take it as a lesson and move on because i know there are good guys out there.

To End another day with a good song; Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Buble

Goodnight loves,
<3 Silvia