Thursday, April 8, 2010


So I thought i would give this Blog thing another chance since i didn't keep up with my other blog very often. I am not looking for followers but if you want to follow that's cool too. Okay so let me explain why im getting a blog. I was on my facebook writing notes about nothing. Stuff people were thinking "what the hell are you talking about Silvia?" lol so if i got a blog and wrote about nothing it would make more sense to the blog world. So that is my background so lets get this blog started!

Wednesday April 7, 2010
So today was a horrible day! I wake up to a horrible storm, now let me just tell you i hate storms! when i find out there is storm coming my eyeballs are glued to the weather channel making sure everything will be okay and if i should seek shelter. I become a nervous wreck. Well any who I made a phone call to the school i plan on attending to in August, and set an appointment to talk finances and so on. When I get off the phone i try to turn on my Television so i can catch the news (aka the Weather) it wont turn on i scream out mother "clucker!!" my Television went out! two days prior to this my lap top went out.

I was so upset then an hour later Geek Squad calls me to tell me i went over my Limit of back up storage and i need to come in and pay $50 more to have everything backed up or decide whats more important. So i had to get dressed and go in to pay $50 more to have everything backed up because my music and pictures are my life not to mention i have crap on there for school. So really i bought me a little mini external hard drive.yay me right? boo but i guess i need that if i plan on making youtube videos after my schooling.

So im walking around looking at the Televisions in Best Buy and realize all they sell is flat screens and the cheapest one was $200 screw that im better off reading all day instead of watching Television all day. So i came home and tried to convince my grandma to buy a new tv. she almost said yes but im not sure what changed her mind. hehe So after i go to at&t to get the bill fixed because they took off my data plan so i had $65 in data charges so i got that all fixed and now i love my Arabian friends at At&t again.

So to end a bad day good i sing a good song and say goodnight.

Song of the day: Bad Day By; Daniel Powter

Goodnight my loves,

<3 Silvia