Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking into their eyes i see myself....

So Today went different than i planned it to go, i didn't expect to cry and i didn't expect to go down memory lane. but i did and it happened for good reasons. Listening to the people surrounding me talk to a girl about home problems made me feel like i was looking in a mirror flashing upon my teenage life and having adults tell me you can NOT do this and you can NOT do that you should do this and you should do that and in my heart i felts it just rip apart as i look into this young girls eyes and see the pain behind them the bittersweet truth she knows is right but hates being told what to do by others. I can see the rebellious in her eyes the rebel that screams i am going to do what i want to do and there is nothing you can do to stop me. when i looked into her eyes i seen mine when i was 13. My heart went out to her and i fought the urge to blurt out STOP IT! LEAVE HER ALONE! I felt like i went back in time when i was 13 and unable to say my opinion without getting slapped or yelled out. I am not saying "oh i lived a hard life, no one listened to me blah blah blah." because others have lived a more tougher life than i have but i have had bumpy road in my life and i know what its like to be in her shoes.

As we sit there talking about protection on the internet going into the ten commandments "thow shall not kill" come upon subject and people refusing drugs to help them to get better really hits the tender spot on my heart. something i wish not to mention at this time, but to see a young girl with so much pain of lost pet really shows me no matter how old you are, no matter what race, what gender, what family you come from, we all come together to share the same emotions for a reason. The reason being we can console each other help them be okay. As i sat there and cried i looked up to see a full table crying with me, sharing my emotions to help me feel better. At the end of class i look at the other teenage girl 6 years younger than me shed tears out of her beautiful eyes and says "i have no reason to cry but to feel the pain of others makes me cry." I shed tears now realizing how much of a good soul that young girl has, i too see my self within her. myself when i was more mature and cried when others cried, cried when an elderly man cried in front of me because he had just lost his wife of 50 years and he was just purchasing bread and butter. I reached out to the old man and said I will pray for you Michael and to this day i still do. These young ladies are more than ready to be confirmed and i couldn't be more proud of them than i am now. They have a long road of bumps and smooth rides to go but if i see some parts of my self within them i know they will have the strength and ability to get through what ever life has to give them.
God bless,
<3 Silvia

In Memory of my Grandpa Jesus Lopez Sr. and for encouragement of the young ladies in my class to help them get through the many tough years to come I pray for you and this song will help with what ever trouble you may come to because you have to remember what ever trouble you come to, you can always to turn to Jesus.