Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A day in Chicago

Monday April 12, 2010

What a day I had, I am still overly tired and I have been home since 4:00pm. Oh Chicago how I love you but why must you be a lot of walking? haha only a person out of shape would say that. okay so lets talk about my interesting day in Chicago! In order of what i did and what i can remember! =)

Mission on the way there:
So I woke up at 5:45 AM! and i went to bed at 4:15ish AM! yea so an hour and a half of sleep for a full day out in Chicago is not a very good idea! Well any who i woke up took a nice long relaxing shower and i got out and realized i took too long of a shower, only Silvia would do that right? well I get ready do my face ritual and start putting on my foundation and silly me decides i want to put it on with a foundation brush instead of putting it on with my god made tools....my fingers and just buff it out with a dual fiber brush for that air brush look. so i had kind of caked it on today which isn't good for a day of walking. So i put that on and my make up, i've been realizing i reach for my silver colors to do my Kristen Stewart inspired smokey eye. it just so neutral but yet dressy at the same time.

So my mom walks in and tells me i have 20 mins to finish so i put the blow dryer to my hair and straiten my bangs and put on my hot pink lipstick from Mary Kay and throw on my outfit I picked out the night before. throw on my gym shoes and we are out the door. So we get to the train station and the train is filled with a bunch of people there is like one full cart of cubs fans. so my mom and I sat in the same row just with different people. I am sitting there listening to my ipod and I get a text and its from my mother and shes like can we text each other? she is such a dork! so we are texting and I can feel the man sitting next to me looking so i look with my eye balls and i can see he is reading my text messages. So my mom text me "What do you think of the guy next to me?" and the guy sitting next to me sits up and ajusted his self and I said no comment...oh goodness that was a ride to remember. I got full service lady gaga was playing the day was going go just on the train ride there!

We Made it!
So me and my mom get to our stop and we get off and go to millennium park and we sit down and we are talking and I am eating my cookie i bought at the station along with a banana and apple juice. Then a pidgin come along and gets really close wanting my cookie i said no bird fly away and right when i said that my cookie broke and fell on the ground so i picked it up and gave him a piece. Check him out....He started calling out to his friends i guess and then i told him no more Charlie run along and he starting talking and I told him no more and he walked away. haha so me and my madre walked to the bean to take our picture together. well it took awhile cause a cleaning lady was cleaning the bean and took a long while then some guy stands right in front of us and I am thinking come on now there are plenty of spots to take a picture on this bean did you seriously have to stand in front of us? so he finally moves and we get our picture which looks like this... I look Short and Stubby and my mom looks like she is trying to check out her butt or something. haha my mom would look like too wouldn't she. I guess that's why were are so alike. So we walk around a little more and I tell her its 10:00 Am can we go to Macy's? So we start walking what seemed like a forever walk to Macy's.

Macy's: Lush and Benefit! So have been Dying to go to a lush store I have seen many Haul videos on you tube and I have tried a massage bar at a friends house and fell in love with it. So i get there and the guy there was so friendly he was showing me some awesome things and letting me try things and feel them it was amazing i really wanted to get a massage bar but i found other things i wanted lol. so I was looking around and he showed me three things that I couldn't resist to buy.

Joy of Jelly Which is a shower jelly on the web site it is described as "Filled with beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils and made with a Carrageenan seaweed base (to make this soap extra nourishing, softening and wiggly), Joy of Jelly is a truly sensual experience." It also mentions its good sexual experience for you and your partner...umm thats probably why the guy was like wah? when me and my mom said we wanted that jelly. haha but he knew she was my mom and was calling her mom the whole time.

Sex in the Shower which is a Emotibombs and you put a few pieces under hot water in the shower and it creates a steam on the web site it is described like this "For those who like to do it standing up, Emotibombs give you the power of mood altering essential oils in fizzy Bath Bomb form for the shower. Perfect for all states of consciousness and especially nice for sharing, these unassuming little fizzers steam up in the shower to wake you up, put you in the mood and help relieve your hangover." Sex in the shower is described as "pack with lovely relaxing and aphrodisiac essential oils to put you in the mood (you may recognize this sexy fragrance from our Retro Ginger fragrance line)" Sounds interesting huh?

Fresh Farmacy Face Soap Last but not least The Guy talked me into this when he said it would help with my blemishes and put it on my hand...ooh it felt so soft on the web site it describes it so well im just going to copy and paste the whole thing. "If your skin is troubled, sensitive and reacts to nearly everything you put on it, lather up with this nightly. It's pink because it's packed with calamine, the stuff your mom put on your mosquito bites to calm down your skin and stop it from itching. We also add chamomile and rose to soothe, and a bit of tea tree oil to help cleanse for blemish-free skin. It's soft, creamy and delightfully effective so give it a try, rub the pink frothy foam all over."

Benefit Silky finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin. So i have been on the hunt for this lipstick once i found a significant for it! This particular lipstick was used in the twilight movies "twilight" and "New moon" This lipstick was used on all the Cullens. So I said if this lipstick was used on Robert Patinson i want it! lol I had already gotten the lipstick they used on bella (Kristen Stewart) Called Good 2 Go. This baby is Discontinued (Ms. Behavin) and when i seen it i was like score! and pulled out the charge card and bought it!

Mission to the School: So i am going to school for makeup and i was checking out a school downtown. So i set up and appointment to view the learning facilities and ask questions and get an idea of what exactly i would be doing. They mention interview when you call in and when i got there they didn't ask many questions but i did notice they study your face, like they are checking out your make up and see what kind of skill you have and see what kind of routine you use to do your make up. The school is so clean and colorful. We talked financial situations and schedules for the courses. As me and my mother were getting ready to leave the owner and creator of the school walked in the door i was stunned by how pretty she was. She asked me a lot of questions about what i do with make up at home. My mom being my mom she mentioned me covering up my grandmothers black eyes and nose from when she fell and how it didn't even look like she had black eyes anymore and how i work on my moms face and over up her old age spots. The owner was stunned and very impressed and she showed us a video of pictures of the school and makeup and so on and she just kept talking and she was so friendly she told me they work on fashion shows and stuff and talking about the things they do besides makeup. i was so impressed. Then as we were leaving she said i look forward to having you as a student. I felt good and confident as i left the room. I can not wait to start there!

Tired, hungry, and going home! So when we were all done with the school tour and interview me and my mom stopped at the McDonalds and ate lunch there and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff and she was giving me some awesome advice on friendships and encouragement of throwing away being scared and to be confident and just jump the rope. Just because one guy really hurt you doesn't mean the next guy is going to. So when we finished our one hour and a half lunch at Mcdonalds we left and went back to millennium park to walk the long bridge to the art institute. I was so Tired walking up that bridge haha After that we made our way back to the train and she really wanted to sit on top so i say okay and when i got up there man oh man was i sick! We got to our train station and walked the long walk to our car and came home. I came in stripped my shoes off and fell asleep. it was a long day but it was a very fun day!

Goodnight all I feel like I am leaving stuff out but if I am i will post in tomorrows blog. also im sorry it was so long. if you read through it thank you for baring with my ability to talk a persons ear off. haha

To end a good day with a positive song: The climb By Miley Cyrus

<3 Silvia

Prices of lush:
The Joy of Jelly-Shower Jelly $11.60 7.0 Oz.
Sex in the Shower-Emotibombs $3.95 2.5 Oz.
Fresh Farmacy Face Soap $8.85 3.5 Oz.

Benefit Silky finish Lipstick in Ms.Behavin $18.00