Monday, October 11, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee; Britney/ Brittany

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In last weeks episode "Britney/Brittany" The McKinley High Glee club wants to do numbers by Britney Spears for their fall homecoming performance. Will tells the kids no because he doesn't think she is a very good role model. Brittany then agrees with the funniest statement of she too doesn't want to do Britney because her whole life she has been in her shadow. "My name is Brittany Suzanne Pears, Making it Brittany S.pears" When Kurt makes a statement Santana did the famous "LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE" line. Which I couldn't resist laughing at.

Finn is bullied by the members of the football team when they take his lettersman jacket and rips it in half and calls him all sorts of names when Arti comes to appologize about getting him kicked off the team the jocks then leave. We meet Emma's new boyfriend Carl who is a dentist and Will lets him come to Glee practice to teach kids dental hygiene and gives them all capsules to see how much plaque is on their teeth and what they miss when they are brushing. Lets just say Rachel, Arti, and Brittany don't pass the test. Brittany says she washes her mouth out with pop, how many people wash their mouth with pop? Then again Kesha brushes her teeth with a bottle of jack. Brittany is later sent to the dentist office for some heavy duty work and is put to sleep with anesthesia while pandora is playing Britney Spears's "Im a slave for you" Brittany then has a dream she is reacting the song with different outfits Britney wore such as; Oops I did it again red leather outfit, Toxic Nude jeweled outfit, and the VMA's Slave for you outfit with yellow boa.

Finn and Rachel talk about Finn not being on the football team and Rachel admits she is happy because now she doesn't have think about what song she would sing by his bed side while he's in a comma or all the cheerleaders chasing after him. Her selfish honesty makes Finn upset. Santana goes to the dentist with Brittany to get anesthesia and they both have fantasies about reacting Britney's video Me against the music which was an exact replica of the video. Brittany was Britney and Santana was Madona.
Britney Spears makes an appearance at the end of the fantasy.

Brittany Demands she has every solo after she tells the Glee club about her and Santana's fantasy. Kurt sticks by Brittany's side and says Britney gave her confidence with a reply of "I'm more talented than you all and I can see it clearly now, It's Britney....Bitch!" Kurt then starts talking about how they need to do Britney and talks back to Will getting him sent to the principles office, which is something that isn't something we see happen to Kurt that often or even Will sending anyone to the office in general.Will Is later in the dentist with Carl and we then see Will's jealously with him and they both talk it out about the situations they both could be in. When Will comes out Rachel is in the waiting room, when she then has her own Britney fantasy Which is "Baby one more time" She does an exact replica of the video the school, the gym, the outside, and all the same clothes. Britney Spears makes an appearance as the teacher.

Rachel then changes her style after she had been teased once again by Santana and Brittany earlier and Finn agreed responding to her hurtful response of him not being a football jock. Finn isn't too happy that She did this because of all the attention Rachel starts getting. Rachel then tells Finn he can rejoin the football team if he wants. Will buys an exact car like Carl's but in yellow and shows it off to Emma, by taking her for a ride in the parking lot when his ex wife shows up telling him to return the car and its not right.

Artie has his own fantasy of being on the football field and in the gym working out while singing Stronger. He then later goes to ask Finn to help him convince Coach Beiste to let him be on the team, when Finn says he needs to help himself right now. Coach then walks in telling them that Artie can be on the team and to go get some equipment. Later Will agrees the kids can do Britney at the assembly but he will be joining them in their performance.

Rachel changes back to her old style, which i found to be better than her kitten sweaters which were too adorable. She goes into the locker room to show Finn she changed back to make him feel safe and happy and in hopes he would quit the football team to make her feel safe and happy. Reminding him the fling he had with Santana and Britney and she feels better if they were losers together. When Finn tries to tell Rachel that he will acknowledge her as his girlfriend she doesn't think it's enough. In that time that they were hugging didn't Finn look like a giant monster next to Rachel?

The Glee club performs a seductive performance of Toxic in front of the whole school with a good feedback except Jacob, my goodness was that disturbing all together. As well as Laurens response to Will's performance. When the performance was over Sue ended the "Britney sex riot" by pulling the fire alarm sending every kid out the door. Later Sue has a neck wrap from the acts of a sex riot running out the door and threatens will with everything he has. Emma gives Will some advice to be himself and not someone who he is not, such as Carl when will then leaves to return his car.

Rachel asks Quinn to go up to Finn to try and get him to hit on her or take her back to see if he truly loves her, Finn tells Quinn he will always have feelings for her but he loves someone else. Rachel then is happy and sings "The only Exception" in glee practice and dedicates it to Finn and apologizes for trying to control him.

I would give this Episode four stars out of five because I expected to see a little more Britney and possibly a few more songs from her. They have put more songs in one episode. Heather Morris was absolutely AMAZING in this episode and i am glad they finally showed off her talent in singing and dancing!

Songs and Ratings:

Slave for you ***** Heather did an amazing job singing it, and she looked amazing in all the different outfits

Me against the music ***** Yet an another amazing performance couldn't tell the difference from the original.

Baby one more time **** It was good but not the best, i would have rather seen Heather Morris perform this song Lea's pitch was to high.

Stronger **** For a guy singing it, it wasn't bad at all but I just didn't feel enough emotion in the song like original but it was still amazing!

Toxic ***** I love that it was half acoustic and Half with music, the seduction was quiet seductive.

The Only Exception ***** This was AMAZING sounds just like the original Lea Michelle did a fantastic job, Haley Williams was quiet impressed as well.

I hope my blog recapped you on last weeks episode and my next review Grilled cheesus will but up tomorrow (10/12/10) afternoon or early evening depending on if I can sneak away from work.

Love you all more than you know!

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