Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day at the Circus with me and 10 kids

Helloooo my loved ones,

I know im slacking on blogs, I miss writing them. I also miss just writing random blogs so here is my random blog all about my adventure of a day at the circus with 10 kids.

The job program that I am in is pretty much a program in the unemployment category giving young adults ages 18-23 jobs for the summer, which was extended for it's success and will end when fall ends. I'm not going to say how much i make but its a good paying job for little work that we do. Although in the beginning of the summer we worked our behinds off cleaning the building we were in. I literary had a sweat shower on my face for more 4 hours and 10 days total. Then in the beginning of September I was sent to help the day care in the lower level of the building, which i was semi excited about I knew the kids were trouble and was always getting yelled at.

For the past month I have been with these kids and I have grown to love them so much! they make my day, they make me go crazy, and they really know how to make me laugh! I wish I could show a picture of them all but for the safety of the children I will not. There are 11 kids Logan, Ava, Daniel, Selina, Michael, Jezel, Myron, Aaliyah, Amarii, Jaylin, and Abdus. It brightens my day and heart when they come running to me screaming my name when I walk through the door. Well today we went to the Circus that was in town and I was not a happy camper about that. I like Circus's but I don't know this one never interested me when they advertised it on the television. So we rounded up the 10 kids because little Jaylin couldn't go and loaded on the van. I was so upset and mad about this situation because we had a crappy van with non working seat belts. So I am sitting at the edge of the seating putting alot of pressure on my tail bone that I injured 3 months ago which I talk about in another blog (click here to read it) to put my arms out trying to protect the kids I am sitting with. The driver (day care owner) wasn't really a safe driver either she slams on the breaks way to much. I was fumed with anger that we drove 20 mins to this circus with no seat belts on the kids.

So we get to the circus which was a big mess trying to get in, it was not organized at all! I had two kids hold my hand and two kids in front of me to watch and they are so little compared to alot of the people there. I found my self kneeing the kids in front of me to the right direction of our seats, not hard on their backs or anything I am a very short person so kneeing them means their butts. Finally we are in our seats and we are sitting by the um crap i forgot what it is called but its were they have the sound and light board to direct the show. I once was a techi so I am familiar with this kind of stuff and found myself looking over now and then. The circus started and I wasn't too fascinated with the opening act. I was interested in the poodle show kind of but when they had the trapeze act my eyes were on the performer that goes by the name Henry. He was very um... fascinating! haha When that was over my eyes were back on the sound guy, he was watching Ncis while working the lights. haha Then there was intermission and The kids got cotton candy which I had to watch them because they sometimes put it in their ears GROSSNESS! Finally the show came back on and they had my favorite animal of all time!!! The Tigers!!! Not to mention they had WHITE TIGERS! I love white tigers I have lots of little ceramic white bangle tigers I have 10 stuff animals, and a few shirts. Oh and Big fleece blanket of one. They were so pretty!! well the show continued, and it ended with all the act performers dancing thriller.

So we started walking out and once again I had two kids in my hands and two infront and moved them along with my knees. Once we go into the van I had all the little ones sitting around me so I can keep them safe in my arms and the bigger ones sat up front. Ava sat right next to me and was talking about tigers and tinkerbell and my back was showing from sitting at the edge and she putt her little fingers on it and i started wiggling and laughing. She said why are you laughing? i told her cause i am ticklish there and she said oooh and did it again and i started tickle attacking her and she was laughing like a giggle monster. Giggles from children warms my heart. so the 20 mins back was hard but okay I protected all 7 children with my short arms and put a lot of pressure on my tail bone, which hurts right now but it's okay. I protected them like they were my own.

I had fun with the kids they make my day each and every day that I am down there. I am truly going to miss them and probably cry my last day. I hope I semi entertained you with my blog, if you are as outraged as i am about the seatbelt situation send me an email, tell me what i should do because i feel like i need to tell their parents but i am not sure how.

I still have 2 glee reviews to do which i will do soon, one blog haul, and a beauty review. I am such a slacker. It will get done i promise to be caught up with glee before the rocky horror glee show.

I love you all more than you know.

<3 Silvia