Sunday, October 10, 2010

Addicted to cough drops.

Hello my loves,

I am extremely sick and I have been not myself since my birthday! Which sucks monkey balls! On my birthday something happened to my elbow, something i can't even explain because it is still a mystery to me. I woke up from my little nap i took after my class to energize my self for a birthday dinner with my family and, my elbow felt so sore! it was like i had hit it really hard on concrete. My bed is next to the wall and the only thing i keep on it is my lap top but it was not in a position where i would hit my elbow. So it was like that the rest of the day until that night, it got so much worse i could not move my arm at all if I did a scream would be let out from the pain. I had my mom rub icy hot on it and just the simple touch was like I was being squeezed by the hulk. Monday i couldn't move my arm at all and tuesday it finally started feeling a little better and i got to move my arm a bit more. when wednesday came around i was feeling alot better still a little sore but i could move my arm which was good because i was taking the kids to the fire department for a field trip and i had to carry little Jaylin when crossing the street.

Thursday I started to notice my throat was dry i just though i was really thirsty because i climb alot of stairs when im at work and its a constant workout running after all the kids. thursday left and friday came and i started sneezing like crazy and i felt absolutely miserable! Saturday i still had a runny nose and a small cough and i had a Tuition meeting for school which was complete torture! now at this time i have this horrible cough which is keeping me for sleeping. What i have noticed though is that if i put in a cough drop it calms it down if i go a minute without it i start cough like crazy until i put a new one in. so i have been putting cough drop after cough drop in my mouth to calm my coughing down. I hate cough drops the menthol in them give me a cold headache. im not sure if those are real but my head gets cold and i have a throbbing headache.

My friend Ashley used to eat cough drops like candy and my other friend ate 107 in one day which i find insane and unsure why he didn't overdose! i am working on my 6th cough drop and quiet sleepy. oooh when ever you are sick do you feel like you have a whole in your mouth when you drink anything? I ALWAYS! spill my medicine and water when sipping.

Speaking of Medicine i HATE! drinking medicine!!! When i was 10 i learned how to swallow pills because i was tired of drinking meds! The taste is horrible and i prefer a pill! I also hate chew ables! they are the most gross disgusting thing on the planet! it taste all chalky and i truly believe 65% of the medicine stays on your teeth rather than go down. So when the doctor asks liquid, chew able, or Pill i quickly say pill!

Omg also i bought this icy hot vapor rub and i put it on my chest and throat and i felt it working but i couldnt smell at all and i was having trouble breathing so i put a little under my nose and it was working i couldnt smell a thing! ill write more on this in another blow but short story i got the worse allergic reaction EVER! my lips swelled up and turned really red! i read the bottle and it says DO NOT PUT ANYWHERE BUT CHEST AND THROAT wooops! i need to read the box first more often!

I know i have been behind on blogs, i have monday off and my plans are to wash and write blogs, i have 2 glee reviews, 1 shopping haul blog, and a beauty review.

This month im not going to promise silvias advice only because its going to be a very busy month. the only blog i will promise this whole month on a wednesday or saturday is my glee review i hope everyone understands.

I love you all more that you know.

<3 Silvia