Thursday, July 22, 2010

falling down 8 stairs...

Hello my loves

So today wasn't such a wonderful day as i hoped and planned. The morning I woke up late and took a long shower with little time to get ready. I went to go put on my capri's that was perfectly fine when i washed them but something happened in drier and they ripped. So I was stuck wearing sweat pant capri's cause something told me not to wear a skirt. I had no time for makeup so I shoved my smashbox pallet (review coming soon) 3 brushes and a eye liner and my purse which already had mascara and other stuff from before. So I get to my best friends grandmas house and it was all happy and love in the air for her grandpas birthday. I love celebrating birthdays! I went to work and just climbing the stairs in the morning didn't feel right. So we start work and I am cleaning the day care bathrooms when i'm done I start doing my potty dance and being the worker that follows the rules i go up stairs and down the other stairs to use the employee bathroom assigned well thats when it happened my worst fear and nightmare.

I get to the second set of stairs noting that it was wet, terrified of falling i make a free hand to hold on to the railing but holding on didnt help at all i fell down maybe 6 stairs hitting each one with my butt and trying hard to keep my head up and make sure the bucket of water i was holding didnt spill on me. well i failed it spilled on my legs and splattered on my face. in complete shock i stood up as fast as i could and made my way down stairs because i still had to go potty.

The worst of it all was that my boss didn't care one bit that i fell and injured my self my elbow was bleeding for crying out loud. nope she didn't care I was on here i dont care list because im not her kind, or im not part of her family had one of her family members fell she would have called a paramedic or sent me home right there on the spot but nope i got a did someone fall? ooh well mop up the mess. she has lost all and any little respect left for her.

I am back to fearing stairs like I once did from the ages of 3-16. which sucks but i fell down once and got two black eyes and i fell down again and bruised my tail bone.
my legs tremble in a horrible shake going down them and my heart races until i reach the bottom.

I feel much better than i did when i got home but i still have some pain. I just have to sit on a neck rest pillow and move slowly. debating on work tomorrow. hmm....well my loves lesson is if the stairs are wet hold your bladder and wait for them to dry.
even though the guy mopping the stairs didn't ring out the mop good enough.

goodnight loves