Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where the heck have i been?

Hello my little love bugs,
haha im going to be like olgakay and make a new name for all my readers each new blog.

I have been gone for way too long that i have forgot how to blog. haha no I didn't but that would be a lame excuse! I have been busy the last blog i wrote was about glee's season finally and that was well early june i believe, please excuse my spelling/grammar. the things going on since i been gone........

I landed a job....finally.
So my best friend got me a job where she too landed a job for a summer program dealing with GED testing, nursing classes, and job search classes. which is pretty neat to experience. when i first started my boss was such a pain she would forget i thought she was insane rude and unfair. I in all honesty didn't think i was going to make it long enough. We all started in the janitorial category cleaning the school getting ready for the programs. let me tell you we worked our butts off and outside in my area it was always ranging in the 92 degree weather. we cleaned the most nastiest things you can think of. when i came back to work after vacation there was no more cleaning and its all crafty art work. along with office work, which is harder than most think. This job is something else, when i first started working my first job was one of the toughest jobs a teenager can do. I worked at a grocery store as a cashier with a thick book of rules 3 cameras watching every move and a tough union that cost a lot of money. also all the rumors and evil eyes i delt with because i had lots of pull for a 17 year old just starting. getting a day off required pending approval, leaving early required 3 manager approvals, and call offs or days off ment no pay. this job is not like that at all and i honostly thing the boss is spoiling every worker for paying a day we called off or missed, paying full day after leaving early, and little rules. in the end the job isn't bad and i hope it gets more exciting the job has field trips that you get paid to go on. insane! although i will have to quit early september i wouldnt mind staying after all but come the end of august i have to look for another job =( aw man.....

I went on vacation!
I finally went on my vacation to tennesee i stayed in a cabin on top of a big hill for 5 days and did many many exciting and fun things that i will have to blog about separate so i can plug in some awesome pictures. I had little time to blog.

I was reading Eclipse!
I finally got to reading eclipse and it was awesome and my favorite so far. although i have about 5 chapters left i seen the movie already! hehe im a stinker i know. i will write a comparison of the book and movie in a separate blog because i would like to include twilight and new moon and just call it a twilight saga blog. i am seeing the movie again soon with my friends mom. trust me its a must see!!!!! =)

My family was in town!
I had lots and lots of family in town! from different parts of texas and florida i still have family in town actually.

I promise i will catch up on all my blogs i have been slacking on! i have about 6 more hills episodes to review cause i have lots and lots to say about the hills. I also want to do a months favorites like they do on youtube but just for blogs cause im not comfortable in front of the camera yet maybe when i get my room situated. also some new music im digging and fashion alerts i've come across along with new makeup im looking at lots and lots to come in july i have finally found a way to juggle work, sleep, family, and internet all at once.

I love you all sooooo much!

<3 Silvia

sorry no song for this blog.