Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: Maybelline falsies mascara

Hello lash loves,

Okay so I bought the new maybelline falsies mascara about two weeks ago and here is my review and opinions on the product.

So this product is said to give you the full effect of false eye lashes without applying any glue and so on. well I didn't think it made my lashes look full or have the effect of false lashes. When i applied the product it went on thick right away and it was hard to get mascara on all the lashes without putting too much on in the process. Now at all my local targets, walmarts, and drugstores every tube of mascara were waterproof so I got the waterproof tube of the falsies and I have to say it was not waterproof at all. I wear contacts so my eyes are constantly moist so sometimes waterproof is a must! 4 hours after applying the mascara it started running off the lashes and some were like chipping? i'm not sure if thats a correct word to say for a mascara but thats what it was doing so 8 hours into wearing the mascara I had no mascara on my lashes what so ever. The shape of the spoolie is a good shape for defining the lashes but the bad thing is it has too much mascara on it when you pull it out so it can be messy.

I give this product 2 stars because it does give you volume but it doesnt last for a long time nor does it stay on like a waterproof mascara should.

have you tried this product? did you get the same results or different from me? let me know.

<3 Silvia