Monday, July 12, 2010

Starting fresh & haters

Hello my little love oranges,

Okay so in my last blog I promised a bunch of blogs and lately I get on blogger and want to write about my day and say no because you have to do all the blogs you promised before you can free write, well i truly missed blogging so im just going to clear all the blogs i promised and just write blogs as they come to my head. Although I still want to do a twilight blog and vacation blog. as for the hills i started doing the blog and for one episode it was 3 paragraphs and looked forever long so i stopped but if any of you want that blog email me at you can also email me anything you would like my to talk about. =) I heart all my lovely readers.

okay on to a subject that has been burning in my system.

HATERS! ahh we all have them and they suck total sour candy! I have some really mean haters! gah! okay so I get many of my haters from me talking to my guy friends and then when they decide to get a girlfriend they hate me horribly for talking to their man. It's like excuse me? he was my friend first before you put your nasty hands on him. So usually what happens is me being a good friend I distance my self from them so they can have their little relationship. then when they are over with we are bowling and splitting a pizza with some friends. other haters come from my positivity I am one positive pop tart! I am sometimes called little miss Elle woods because i'm so positive sometimes I have my downs but who doesn't? plus I wear a lot of pink lol well any who I was once told I was hated because of where I was in life? which isn't really far with me still only being 19. I am high school graduate starting makeup school in September. Im not sure of the other reasons why i'm hated. I just shrug it off and go on with my life but in the back of my mind I think why do people hate me? I try to be nice and not give them a legitimate reason to hate me. I truly wish we can all be nice and love each other but that doesn't happen in the real world huh?

ooh well this is me! im Silvia Lopez love me or hate me I will not change for anyone if there is not a good reason too! how do you deal with hate?

well im off to pack for the beach tomorrow and get some rest remember my little love oranges wear sun block when going out into the sun!

Goodnight loves,