Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been gone too long.

Hello all my lovely bloggers who still check back every week. I see you on my stats hehe I miss you all so dearly it's unbelievable how long I stayed away. I have in all honesty been busy with work and family from out of town. I know what you all come back for every week too and thats my Glee recap/review and I have them all except last weeks. So i'm gonna write that and quickly proof read the others and post them within hours of tonight and tomorrow leading up to tomorrows new episode and that recap/review won't be up till the end of the week because well thats just how I roll hehe.

Your messages are so loving and dear to me, and some are well hate mail. Nothing too bad but just because I don't post every week doesn't give you the right to blow up my email with nasty emails telling I didn't write a blog.

In December I am hoping to bring back Silvia's advice. I'm getting a nice break from working and then in January it's back to school I go. So I hope to take advantage of that.

I love you all muchos and look for my glee reviews soon within a few hours.

<3 Silvia