Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee; Duets.

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Heres another Glee Review of Duets.

In the Episode Duets we learn that Puck has been put into juvenile jail for driving his mom’s car into a convenience store and driving off with the ATM. He did wah? So Will then welcomes Sam Adams into glee club and Quinn has this look like she’s interested but yet intimidated at the same time. The glee students new assignment for the week is a duet which has also been made into a competition with the grand prize of dinner for two at everyone’s favorite restaurant “breadsticks”. Kurt welcomes Sam into glee by telling him has instincts and 3 of them are his voice, trends in men’s fashion, and when it comes from a bottle. After Kurt pushes the comfort level he apologizes and tells him he’ll make it up if he teams up with him for a good chance of winning. Brittany and Santana are in the room KISSING! Yes lady and gents they are kissing but they don’t mention anything about being lesbian Santa comes right out to say she’s only kissing her because she needs something warm beneath her since puck is in the slammer. Santana asks Mercedes to be her duet partner and she agrees to. Finn tells Kurt to back off Sam a little because he is making a big bulls eye on him to be made fun of if he sings with him. Kurt then goes on back to when Finn called him a name in the basement and Finn apologizes and tries to get Kurt to understand him and says of he does sing with him he will get so much crap from everyone he will have to quit glee club.

Finn and Rachel Sing “Don’t go breaking my heart” for practice as their duet and Rachel then says she’s not a nice person and selfish and wants Sam to win the competition so he can feel like he belongs and betters their chances of winning nationals. Tina tells Mike that they are going to sing a duet together and Mike freaks out that he can’t sing and tells Tina all he does is dance around her. Brittany butters up Artie to have him as a duet partner by telling him they are boyfriend girlfriend. Finn tries to convince Sam not to pair up with Kurt because if he does he might get a lot of crap from it and the Sam fires back that first he tells him that Glee will make him popular and now he is telling him he will get killed. Sam tells Finn that he gave Kurt his word and that’s that and walks out of the locker room to get splashes with a slushy. Quinn helps Sam clean up and they both have a nice conversation with each other. Kurt starts taking care of his dad by feeding him healthy food and making sure he is relaxed. He talks to his dad about Sam and His dad sides with his dad with the reason that he found out Kurt wasn’t completely honest and Carol (Finns Mother) told him that Kurt had a crush on Finn and wasn’t afraid of showing it. Kurt blew up saying he can’t be friendly with straight guys because the homophobic people might get mad. When his dad tells him singing with Sam might not be a good idea Kurt gets mad because he is the only open gay kid in town and he still can’t be himself. His dad tells Kurt until he finds someone like him he has to get used going at it alone Kurt gives in.

Mercedes and Santana performs “River deep, Mountain high” as their duet with an awesome choreographed dance. Kurt walks into the shower room where Sam is and tells him he is free to do a duet with someone else. Rachel and Finn put their minds together to figure a way to get Sam to win and decide to do an offensive bad song. Tina goes to Artie asking him to sing a duet with him and Artie quickly denies her request. Kurt sings a duet with himself, Le Jazz hot with two personalities. Which was flipping amazing! Sam and Quinn spend some alone time in the class room practicing a duet an attempted kiss scares Quinn off because she just got her life back and she is not ready for what is about to come between her and Sam. Tina and Mike perform “Sing” as their duet and is perfect for Mikes situation and makes a great debut to Mikes voice. Finn confronts Sam about trying to kiss Quinn and tells him he messed up but insist they he tries to sing with Quinn. Rachel talks to Quinn about Sam telling her that singing with Sam would keep her at the top of the pyramid and winning the competition. Quinn Fires back at Rachel asking her what is her angle because her winning means she will lose and she knows Rachel doesn’t like losing. Rachel simply says she just wants healthy competition for the team While Finn tells Sam he’s not saying he will win be maybe second place. Sam goes to Quinn to apologize and asks to sing together while promising the mistake won’t happen again. Artie tell Brittany that he isn’t over Tina yet and Brittany tells Artie that she has a solution and picks Artie up and takes Arties virginity away. Finn and Rachel sing their “horrible” duet of “With you I’m Born again” with insensitive costume choices, nobody likes what they did and they pretend to act shocked when they are told this. Sam and Quinn then perform their duet “lucky” with a cute intro of Quinn helping Sam with the Guitar and just a cute connection through the whole song. Santana is obviously upset and jealous Sam and Quinn AND Artie and Brittany. Santana tells Artie that Brittany is only using him for his voice and He gets really upset. Brittany insist that she wanted to go to breadsticks with him and was going to order one really long string of spaghetti and has been practicing nudging a meatball across the table like in “lady and the tramp”. Artie then tells her that taking his virginity away for mark of how many guys she slept with was insensitive and having sex meant a lot to him because after his accident they were insure if he can even do that and it was a miracle that he could and she walked all over it. Brittany apologizes and Artie said he withdrew out of the competition and leaves her standing alone. The Glee club vote and the winners are Sam and Quinn. Everyone is upset and Rachel pretends to be upset with everyone else. Rachel talks to Kurt and tells him they are more similar than he thinks and tells him that they are going to win nationals this year because they have him, and there are twelve people that love him exactly the way he is. Rachel wants to sing a duet with Kurt of a song with all the things they love just for love. Sam and Quinn go to breadsticks for their free dinner. Sam and Quinn talk about things and he admits that he put lemon juice in his hair when he found out he was moving to try and look cool. Quinn tells Sam his hair looks cute and takes the certificate off the table and tells Sam he is paying when he asks why she says “A gentlemen pays on the first date” which I found to be extremely cute! Brittany is eating spaghetti alone behind them. Rachel and Kurt sing “happy days are here again” to close the show as they show all the kids of Glee.

I absolutely love this episode! It shows everyone’s personality so well in little time. The duets were outstanding and lovable. I will have to add it to my top ten when the second season is over. :D

1. Mercedes and Santana Lopez, River Deep – Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner
2. Rachel and Kurt, Get Happy by Judy Garland
3. Rachel and Kurt, Happy Days are Here Again by Barbra Streisand
4. Kurt, “Le Jazz Hot!” From Victor/Victoria
5. Rachel and Finn, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John and Kiki Dee
6. Sam and Quinn, Lucky by Jazon Mraz and Colbie Caillat
7. Mike and Tina, Sing! From ‘A Chorus Line
I give them all 5 stars

I hope you enjoyed my review sorry its super long the next one will be short. Some will be long and some will be short. Rocky horror glee show mid afternoon, hopefully Never been kissed before the premier of "The Substitute". Im not quiet done.

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