Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review/ Recap: Glee; Grilled Cheesus

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I am going to try and make this as short and straight to the point as I can. (no promises)

Grilled cheesus starts off with Finn making a grilled cheese sandwich and when it was done there was a picture of Jesus on it so he thought he would pray to this grilled cheeses in hopes that Jesus would help the team win their first game and if they did he would honor him in Glee club. Kurt hurts his fathers feelings when he tells him he won't be at their traditional Friday night dinners that was started with his mother. Kurt picked a music event over dinner. Finn brings up tributing Jesus in Glee club and Kurt disagrees and puck sings "Only the good die young". Kurt's father has a heart attack and Kurt is heart broken and taking it really hard as anyone would. Finn prays to his grilled cheesus again to let him get "closer to Rachel". The glee club shows their sympathy to Kurt and Finn has a fit that he is the last to know about Kurt's father. Mercedes struggles to comfort Kurt with words so instead she sings "I look to you". Kurt's eyes water up but lets everyone know he doesn't believe in God. Everyone is upset by his decision and he tells them he doesn't want their prayers. Sue tries to band the Glee clubs lesson on religion. Finn thinks he gets his prayers answer when Rachel lets him touch her chest.

Sue goes to Kurt and tries to sympathize Kurt but really she just wants Kurt to make a statement that his is uncomfortable with the religion lesson. Sue lets Emma know why she doesn't want religion to be sung in glee because when she prayed for comfort with her sister's disabilities she felt mocked. Finn is at it again when he prays to be quarter back again when Puck walks in and says he went to church with his nanny to pray last night too when he catches Finn praying. Rachel sings "Papa can you hear me?" in the park with Finn along side her so she can be sure God hears her prayer. She later sings it in the hospital with Kurt's Father. When she sings this I notice her neckless and it says Finn. Kurt walks in after Rachel is done singing and he get's upset and asks everyone to leave. Sam gets injured during a game and Finn gets his quarter back title back. Kurt wants to express his feelings in a song when he tells a story about how his dad holding his hand tightly when they were at his mothers funeral, it's only right that he performs "I want to hold your hand". An Emotional performance stunned everyone in the class including myself. Mercedes invites Kurt to her church services that is dedicated to his father and persuades him to go by saying he can wear a fabulous hat.

Finn confesses about his grilled cheesus to Ms. Pillsbury and she tells him that his prayers weren't answered because of his grilled cheesus. Finn gets upset and sings "losing my religion" and questions God later. Mercedes dedicates a song "bridge over trouble waters" during her church services. While Sue is visiting her sister she asks her if she believes in God and she asked sue do you? Sue says no because she watched the world be cruel to her. Her sister told Sue that "God never makes mistakes and that she believes. Do you want me to pray for you sue?" Sue answers that would be nice and sheds a tear. Kurt talks to his dad about memories and apologizes to him for not letting his friends pray for him, he lets him know they he doesn't believe in got but he believes in him. Kurt's father tries to hold his hand and it's a great sign that he is going to be okay. The Glee club sings "one of us" and Sue watches in while they do and tells Will it's okay.

I have a few opinions on this episode because it's ratings were low. Once the word God or Jesus is said lots of people run away or instantly turns it off. I know not everyone believes in God or Jesus and that's perfectly fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs but they have no right bash the people that do believe. It is also unfair that we can't talk about our beliefs because the ones that don't believe want to throw a fit but it's okay for them to parade around saying they don't believe? no! So I was extreamly happy that Glee did this episode it shows all aspects of peoples beliefs you have some that believe and some that don't you have a few different religions shown. They had a great message and I give it 5 stars for it!

1. Rachel, Papa Can You Hear Me? Barbra Streisand
2. Finn, Losing My Religion R.E.M
3. Kurt, I Want to Hold Your Hand The Beatles
4. New Directions, One of Us Joan Osborne
5. Mercedes, I Look to You Whitney Houston
6. Noah, Only the Good Die Young, Billy Joel
7. Mercedes, Bridge Over Troubled Water Aretha Franklin
All get 5 Stars

Hope you found this review helpful and fun. Duets will be posted in the morning, Rocky horror glee show mid afternoon, and hopefully never been kissed before premier of the substitute. Which that review will be up by Sunday November 21st.

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