Thursday, November 25, 2010

7 Tips for black Friday shoppers.

Hello my lovely bloggers,

As black approaches just hours away i just wanted to write a quick blog of some tips to be safe of this crazy day.

1.DO NOT BRING A PURSE! just because its a big shopping day doesn't mean there isn't criminals out there looking to snatch purses. so keep the purses at home and slip your debit/credit card in your pocket.

2.LEAVE YOUR JEWELRY AT HOME! if you have a nice wedding band or neckless keep it in your jewelry box many woman reported snatched jewelry the past 4 years.

3.If you are buying big electronics BRING SOMEONE ALONG WITH YOU! never go shopping for big electronics alone! it is really easy for people to take a buggy with a tv in it when your alone in the parking lot.

4.PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD STAY HOME! if you are expecting a baby whether you are 2 months or 8 months i advise you to please stay home people are quick to trample people rushing through the doors and i have heard of womaning losing their babies or dying because they were trampled on.

5.DO NOT PUSH PEOPLE! if you are shopping and you can't quiet reach something do not push! it doesn't solve anything and it cause the person in front of you to get hurt.

6.DRESS WARM! If you plan on standing in line dress warm and make sure you have a cup of JOE.

7.HAVE EVERYTHING PLANNED! if you want certain things make a list of what you are going to get and where everything is.

Those are my tips I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and please please please be safe if you are going out shopping later tonight.


<3 Silvia