Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Birthday and Christmas Wish List

My birthday is vastly approaching (October 3) and while not many want to hear but so is Christmas. haha I can't wait to start shopping for Christmas presents! I love being Santa claus for my family.
Any who..
I try not to make my birthday or christmas lists extravagant but I do like to add things I really like/want. I usually end up buying my list by myself haha but here it is.

I have all her other cd's but this one, I'm sort of Cd collector. I rather have the actual Cd than buy the whole album on iTunes. 

I'm behind 2 seasons, i've watched them..just haven't bought them. haha


4.) New Girl Series**
I absolutely Love and Adore this Show!
Season 1- $9.99
Season 2- $9.99
Season 3- $14.99
Season 4- $24.99

Beauty and Hair!

I got a little sample with my clarisonic and I just love how my skin feels and looks after using it!

2pk Sensitive Heads
I love my clarisonic! :)

I love their eye shadow primer! I've gone through so many and I usually need a new one about now. 

I have Naked 1&3 but never bought the 2nd and really wanting it now. haha

I'm a makeup lover...no reason to explain why I want this palette. hah!

I love the smell of this perfume so much! I've finished a lot of my perfume bottles its time to update my shelf. 

My second favorite smell from Victoria Secrets. 

300ct. in Black
My favorite Bobby Pins.

I plan on recoloring my hair for fall and I just recently ran out of everything I use.


-Purple Plum

32 Oz. Volume 20

I love these clips! I had a great set but someone else loved them too and they went missing/broke. lol

I've been using medical latex gloves to color my hair and its just no bueno. haha

I usually measure by the little line packaging but I just need some reassurance with this beaker. ;)

So thats my Birthday/Christmas wish list! 

* Will purchase after My Birthday
** Hoping to buy on Black Friday
***Will eventually buy myself if not bought for me
(see this is why it's hard to buy me a gift! haha)

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All images taken from shopping websites, I am not claiming them as my own. 
They are not intended for personal advertising.