Sunday, September 27, 2015

Future Business Investments and Other Things

So I have had this list made out for some time now, but I figured why not share it? This is a list of many things I would like/will be purchasing in the next 4-6 months. Hope you enjoy! 
(Everything is listed in order of what I will purchase first in each category.) 

Things For My Photography Business
I have been planning on working completely from home when it comes to my photography. I want to shoot, edit, print, cut, and package at the comfort at my home. It works so much more easier and faster. I also make a better profit. 

I need one of these so bad for both my computers (Macbook Pro & iMac)! I have been so beyond frustrated with color correcting photos only for them to be wrong when I send them to the print labs and have to pay a nice little bundle for the lab to fix the pictures. It's going to be great to finally have my own (I previously borrowed it from my school) and Calibrate my monitors before major photo jobs.

My own large format printer...ahh! I am seriously so extremely excited to purchase this! I am beyond tired of sending my work to a photo lab. Having my own printer will cut down print and delivery time. I can print them as soon as i'm done editing the final order, cut, and package prints in 3 hours then deliver the next day. It saves time and saves a lot of money! I'd make a 80% profit from each print order while the other 20% goes back into supplies.  

I have a backdrop support system but I got it really cheap and I need a more sturdier option. The one I have currently only extends 6ft, it's great for children but only children. This will be great for everything! I don't really need the light stands, I have several already but not all of them are great. I'm pretty excited for the carrying bags though. ;)

It's time for a new one, I've already filled one of these boys up! So much of my school work is on there, I can't delete any of it. So it's just time to buy a new one and start fresh. 

3-pk $329.00
I love and trust only this brand only when it comes to securing my equipment. I just need some more 12ft light stands. 

I'm weird I really want this bag because it goes with the light stands. haha


I love this paper cutter! It is seriously the absolute best and takes less than 10 seconds to make precise cuts. Which makes cutting pictures that much more easier. 

8.) Canon 6D

It's time for a new camera body, I don't plan I getting this right away but its something i'm looking into heavily possibly around summer time. 

Things For My Dog Maverick
I own a Great Pyrenees and these things are most needed!

If you have a dog with long hair, you need this in your life. It really does wonders! I need to have one for home.

This combo works great together, I hope it works just as good in the winter as it does in the spring.

3.) 4Knines
Basically everything on my doggy list is for shedding! If you have never heard of Great Pyrenees please google them. I like to take my Pyr on many car rides and have hair EVERYWHERE! One of these covers will help with that hair problem and the frequent dirt he gets on the seat. 

Things for Myself
These are things that I would love to treat myself to before my big girl bills start rolling in after January. Yes some are very, very luxurious but I believe a girls got to treat herself to something nice every now and then. 

I need a new winter jacket. I have a really nice Peacoat but again I have shedder of a dog and the wool is a magnet to the hair.

I've been looking for a new wallet/clutch and I found one! I have 2 little coin wallets from fossil that my grandma gave me and she used them for a really long time. They have great quality and I know this will last me for years to come. 

3.) Michael Kors Large Selma Satchel

I change purses so much, but I have been wanting nice quality bag. Something I wouldn't want to change every other week and something that I can wear anywhere.


Sterling Silver 18" Chain
This and the bracelet is actually going to be my late graduating present, I was suppose to get it last year but never got to it.

6.) X-cess Bedroom set
-Chest of Drawers $349.99
I'm way overdue for new furniture. I'm having my whole room redone so this set is perfect! 
I still have to pick out a mattress but I have no idea where to begin. haha

All these things will be purchased within time, some might not even be purchased. I know I will be for sure purchasing the bed set and almost all off the stuff for my photography business. But this is just a list not a layaway sales receipt. haha


All images were taking from the website where you can purchase items, I in no way are claiming them as my own for financial gain. Pictures taken from: