Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Black Friday Shopping Goals

Hey Everyone,

I know, I know it is too soon to be thinking about Black Friday! but I am so deal with it! haha but seriously I love shopping on Black Thursday/Friday. This year I won't be able to shop on Friday but I am going to do my best to get all the deals that I can on Thursday. I already made a list of things I am hoping to see on Thursday. I will obviously update this list when I get ahold of all the ads,  I usually go to 3 places Target, Victoria Secret, and Walmart. I am hoping to also hit a few other stores too. 

1.) Keurig 2.0 K300 or K400
I need me a new Keurig, I used my cousins when he lived with me and I have been having keurig withrdrawls now that it is getting cold. Usually target will knock off $15-$25 on original price and then offer a $25 gift card. (Which I probably will spend on a travel mug which is this one as well as a contraption that allowing you to brew your own coffee for my dad.) They also usually offer k cups for $9.99 but I like certain ones that you can only get on the keurig website. 

2.) Comfy Snow Boots!

I would really like the tall ones, but i'm not sure these will be the ones on sale. 
So if they aren't...

I would like the short ones. I like buying the boots from target because I live in Chicago, the weather is crazy! I don't feel like buying $100+ Uggs only to worry about ruining them and never wearing them on the days they need to be worn. So I spend $25-$40 on target brand, which are great boots. Usually on Black Friday they will be on sale for $15-$25 depending on the brand. 

3.) Glee Season 5
Glee Season 6
I would love to finish my Dvd Collection for Glee. Target usually has a variety of seasons for $9.99
I hope to find these two on sale. 

4.) New Girl Season 3
New Girl Season 4
I still need to purchase season 1 & 2 but the both are always on sale for $9.99 so my goals are for the ones that aren't on sale typically.

5.) American Horror Story
& Freak Show
I've been debating if I wanted to own these 3 seasons being that the first season still remains my favorite so far; but I just re-watched season 2 and it now is one of my favorites. So I will eventually buy the rest and hoping I can strike a deal on Black Friday somewhere. 

6.) Pretty Little Liars 
Season 5
I always buy pretty little liars season dvds on Black friday, its such a great purchase comparing how much they are typically. 

I know thats a whole lot of season dvd's but they are just my goals, I know not all of them will be on sale. If they were I wouldn't buy all of them but my main goals will be pretty little liars, glee, and new girl. I know between Target and Walmart I can find the ones I really want. :)

On to Another Store

Victoria Secret
7.) Body by V.S Bras
They have always had the Buy one get one 50% off I'm becoming a little tired of their 2/$49.50 bras so this will be the time to upgrade. haha

8.) Perfumes
I'm hoping they will have some sort of deals on their perfumes or perfume sets. 
If they do I'll be on the look out for these two:

Eau So Sexy


And the list is to be continued.......

Check back in the beginning of November! :)


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