Monday, September 21, 2015

I Miss Blogging!

It has truly has been so incredibly long since i've blogged! While not much has changed, life has gotten the best of me still. haha so lets briefly catch up. :)

-I graduated college and have an associates in Photography.

-I've had a total of 2 jobs since then Nanny and Portrait studio photographer.

-I was just hired to work for an amazing company but I won't say who until after my first week there, which will be in 2 weeks. :)

-I've had 1 relationship since then and I let him get away. :/ Cue Katy Perry now. lol

-I Became an Auntie! :D Yes i'm only child but my closest cousin had a baby and she will call me Auntie! <3 nbsp="" p="">
-A very special boy came into my life, and I love him more than anything! He's 2 and he calls me Shay...eventually Auntie Shay. lol

-I'll be going back to school in January hopefully, to study to be a nurse. :)

That's all I can really think of, I know there is so much more but those are the highlights.

So looking back some of my old posts I realized I love making lists and I started working on a really fun one. It's more for me than anyone but I figured why the hell not post it on my blog? lol

So the list is an old favorite; What I want for my birthday/christmas and future investments and shopping wants. haha

Look forward to making it, I know it will take me 48 hours to write. haha

But seriously I will be writing it while I watch the premier of the voice. ;)