Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy thoughts, Cheating on you, My photography, and Pretty little liars.

Hello My lovies,
It has been forever and a few months! I miss you all dearly!
I wrote 2 blogs and never finished them. :( I probably never will because it doesn't protein to me anymore. haha any who My life has been a little crazy. actually I have no life with school, and it's only going to get worse come summer. :/ 3 schools and 1 tiny brain.

So my plan is to attend my regular part time photography school, then full time make up school, then also part time local university for basic courses. Crazy Idea I know but I need to get my education done and over with!!! So for photography I think i'll take simple photo classes, so I can focus on my english and math class, and makeup school. Wish me luck that my plan works out. :)

Present time I'm only taking two classes and they are soooo crazy like one professor told me you wont have a social life with this class! i'm like wahh? come on! but it's cool i'm excited to learn gonna do some amazing photo shoots. :) I am still jobless and looking like a crazy women on crazy women crack. I should start charging for my photo shoots but I feel like I can't just yet. I think right after this semester I can and I will. I aint gonna always be working for free folks! :p

I started a blog page to share my photos but decided I don't want to share them that way.I think i'm gonna cheat on blogger and go to tumbler for that. If and when I do I will share my link here. I will always do any reviews here, which I know I haven't in a long time. :( I just haven't had the urge to. i've been just enjoying glee for glee, getting into other shows, and enjoyed the last few months of my favorite daytime soaps. Although I did think of a great blog for pretty little liars. :D it's my conspiracy of who might be A. :O I figured i'd do something like that since the season is new and fresh and A will be revealed at the end of the winter season. My biggest guess was kinda revealed tonight and I was pissed because now people are gonna be like you got that because of the show! but uhh no I got it because i'm a good detective! lol well kinda. look for that blog sometime after this one.

I've been working on photos like a mad woman. but I would like share my recent photo shoot. it's a bit crazy in the sense of what i'm doing. but i'm a crazy photographer. I like tyler shields and terry richardson, they are crazy and disturbed biznetches. My photos aren't that bad, i'm just preparing you all for something horrible and they aren't haha So if you love make up watch the whole thing, if your not really into make up and want to go straight into the photoshoot go to 8:10. I recommend watching in HD just to see clear images at the end.

Well I hope you all enjoyed that if you watched it, if you didn't why not? just kidding you don't have to. I will give you a reason to though, I have some of my work at the end. I know some of you wanted to see it. Thats the only place you'll see it besides maybe tumbler, and my personal facebook.

Well I have lots to say but they in subject matter of blog post so maybe i'll save them for one a day :)

I love you all more than you know,
Thanks for sticking around.
<3 Silvia