Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Sorry.

My dearest and lovely blogging friends,

I am so very sorry for not keeping up with my word for doing 6 days of gleekmas words can't even explain how I got overwhelmed with work and the holidays. Then I have been getting ready to go back to school which starts tomorrow, talk about running around. I have to admit I did have some alone time to possibly sit down and post all the reviews but I was sick and laid in bed 95% of the time.

So with Glee returning february 8th I am making it my mission to get all the reviews to you before or by the 8th. I have them all ready to go except the last 2. So look for them sometime next week hopefully if I remember 2 a week. :)

Oh how I have missed blogging! I wont have Silvia's advice back until I get on track with glee reviews. I have a list of questions to give some advising too. I want to do a back to school motivation blog I want to write. Some make up products to review have been on the top of my list though because you all need to know! hehe

I also got someone pretty special in my life so I want to blog about that and give some advice for those who aren't looking for love because of a some silly reason. So many great ideas that I hope I can stick with give them to you all. I know you all are checking back for new blogs, it would be much easier if you just follow me you silly gooses.

I love you all more than you will ever truly know.
look for those glee reviews next week sometimes.

<3 Silvia