Friday, March 16, 2012

A day is coming! Final 4 guesses.

Pretty little liars season 2 finale is this Monday!! And A is finally revealed.

Well the first A that is! Will there be two A's like in the books? I think there will be.

Any who, who do you think a is? It's been narrowed down by Ashley benson yesterday that it's possibly one of the following....


Now in my last post I never finished I did say Melissa was my number one suspect. She still is in my top two!!

Let's talk spoilers....I'm sure most already know who the first A is in the books if you don't I'm telling you now. It's Mona. The books and the show have been semi similar to this point but if they said its not the same as the books then who can it be?

Ezra? What motive does he have to hurt all the girls? And when all the times he was a target he couldn't be walking outside his door like a creep while inside kissing aria. But then again who knows!

Jenna? Ooh man Jenna has so much motive to be A. I mean this past episode they finally revealed her being able to see. But exactly how long was she able to see?? Hmm

Melissa? Well Melissa always hated alison. Was pissed at her sister for kissing her boyfriends. What better way to pay her back by messing with her and her friends? There is so much for Melissa its ridiculous.

But if they said you won't see it coming, you think you'll know who A is up until the last few mins and bam you were wrong.

So if Ashley bensons adorable picture clue of the final four are correct then my guesses will go in this order.


Hope you all have a happy weekend!!
Can't wait for A day!!
Until then,
<3 Silvia