Sunday, February 26, 2012

Predictions of spoilers?

Hello lovies!

Quick little blog about pretty little liars,

Yes I am aware of who killed Alli in the books and who A is in the books. If you all weren't aware The producers mentioned they were changing both in the tv series! Also the biggest tip off of the change is Jason being spensors half brother. I loved the emails of your rude spoilers, thankfully someone already spoiled it a long time ago and its not that big of a deal. :p

So what do you guys think of my list so far? eh eh??? MELISSA!!!!! Yea??? I totally think she did something to Alli! whether it was killing her, being A, or smacking her around.

I can't wait to find out...I know we are all gonna be like :O :O :O :O and then go OH EM GEE!! and then say oooohh they totally had an Aliby to be A!!

mks back to homework! and shtuff!

<3 Silvia